Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help! Originally, I had a terrible high pitched sound whenever any audio was being played. Waiting to be Friday January 25, , If I use the latest version, it will probably work better. I just bought this MB and it wont go into 2 channel properly only comes out of one speaker..

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Hi DarkMantis, Thanx, this is a relief The cabling is just so much better then the Corsair, gotta love modular sleeved cables Gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio in ‘Gigabyte’ started by Michael Taylor, Dec 22, Try using MPlayer because Xine-lib is limited and it is slowly being developed. Any ideas, other than ‘buy a real sound card, you bum you’?

These cards are based off the Oxygen which resembles the same quality as nVidia’s sound card, but with better hardware.

Today I gigabtye 3 different distros Mepis 8. In theory it should work, or?

Maybe try plugging them into diff gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio slot or something? Originally, I had a terrible high pitched sound whenever any audio was being played. XP will run just fine on this one. Audio connectors on the front of the PC case. All the fans attached to the mobo were spinning, so juice was there cpu, gpu and psu fans spinning.


This thread can be considered as solved. Digital audio sometimes works because the TV sometimes cooperate.

Also make sure that all power plugs are correctly inserted. Hi DM, About the files on the floppy i have my little doubts, as I also tried to flash the Bios ahdio the ud3p through floppy. If that is the case then there is nothing to worry gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio as they are all the same unless you have a massive PSU and then sometimes they will use a thicker than average cable.

So for me the dvd giganyte correctly burned, I used a usb dvd drive for it. January 31, Probably dmix, artsd, or PulseAudio is getting in the way. Gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio silent, but gets damn hot if you get it working Again, thank you for reading me. If not it would be a good idea to fit one.

Will Windows 7 32 bit drivers work on the old GA-K8NF-9 ?

My Gigabyte 8IG Pro v2. They almost look identical After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. I finally managed to get the system running on Win 7 — Professional 32 bits! If you only gugabyte Gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio, you have to find stations that uses AC Noted about gigabyhe HDD’s. Hi Ken, one of my friends has a different socket Gigabyte motherboard and that too only has XP drivers for download.

Last Drivers  DRIVERS: GT-I9152 USB

ga-k8nf-9 and front audio connectors | Motherboard Forums

If that fails try each of the older ones till you’re happy. When I burned the Win7 Prof. Now I’m using a Adio sound card and the sound quality has increased but still have slight gigabyte ga k8nf 9 audio with interference.

The software on the nvidia drivers arent even for the K8NF-9 onboard sound. I maybe will get a really cheap graphic card with no extra juice needed, just like the GT.