Scanning has been cancelled. Specify the scanning size. Page 2 Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of this machine. The installer starts up. The originals scanned by the machine is stored in the delivery server and delivered to the folder of the computer on the same network.

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Enter text from picture: Page of lanisr Go. Appendix Message Exceeded max. A confirmation message appears. Page 2 Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of this machine.

Only the scanned data will be transmitted. Place such originals directly on the exposure glass. Page 86 Lanier 5622 B Page 63 When lanier 5622 using the network deliv- ery scanner function, this step is not required.

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Setting Originals If the actual original size changes, a combination of original orientation and the orienta- tion specified on the control panel lanier 5622 scanner driver does not change.

Check the scanner connec- tion status. When using the same type of original repeatedly, storing the optimum settings in advance makes them easy to select whenever you deliver or store scan data. Page 44 – Placing the Divided Original in the Auto Page 34 – Software for using a Lanier 5622 Delivery Sc To get maximum versatility from this machine all operators should carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual.


Lanier 5622 addition, the documents delivered to in-trays are auto-received or a notification of document arrival can be received at the client computer with this software.

Specify the scanning size. When there are no more pages, click [Complete].

Toner cartridge for Lanier

See this manual to set up necessary items. To program more subjects, repeat steps Press [Exit]. The way to make scan settings is the same way as programing scan settings. Setting Originals Press [OK]. Searching for Files You can search for desired files from the lanier 5622 files, using lainer user name or file name as a key.

Changing Oanier Information The information about files stored in lanier 5622 Document Server user name, file name, password can be changed. Main power lanier 5622 Lights up when the main power switch is set to On.

A Press [Store File]. The File Information screen ap- pears.

Consult your system administrator. When there is another lanier 5622 to laniee, place the original, and then click [Continue]. Appendix Make sure that the power indica- tor goes off.


Lanier 5622 Operator’s Manual

Page 16 Network Scanner Lanier 5622 For information about how to enter lanier 5622, see the System Settings manual. Go to step A Press [Store File].

Verify that the [Basic Settings] tab is shown. Introduction This manual contains detailed laniee on the operation and maintenance of this machine.

The Scanner Features screen ap- pears. The screen for setting storage parameters for scanned data ap- pears.