You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookies Policy. The OnModelCreating method lets you override the default name translation and let Entity Framework Core know how to find the entities in your database. Updated to a maintained project. Now that all the pieces are in place, you can start referring to the current tenant in your code and views. NET Core Book to get up to speed!

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Dont let a lack of Linq support stop you. Although this release will work for 9. can get a significant discountand even a free licenseby spreading word about dotConnect for PostgreSQL. NET Core Book to get up to speed! While this change fixed some issues with database, it created the issue of if you PostGIS in a schema other than the one you wanted to it is intuitive how to move it to a different schema. View data differences, synchronization script, and sync data.

This release is a work in progress.

Provider for PostgreSQL with Entity Framework Support

Multitenancy SaasKit needs two things to work: SaasKit needs two things to work: You can fix this by installing Npgsql.


Now that all the postgres.nef are in place, you can start referring the current tenant in your code views. It not documented at all but it that at the point of the. Riyaz Ahamed 3 Before you do that, add a method below the Questions property:.

C# .NET + PostgreSQL – Stack Overflow

With sharding you can leave behind the drawbacks of the database-per-tenant model and can scale infinitely. May 15thth Paris, France. The ResolveAsync method does the heavy lifting: ; using Microsoft.

The database class provides an interface between your code and your database.

About PostGIS

I’m working with C and Postgres using Npgsql2 component, and they work fast, I recommend you. You could also look up tenants by subdomain any other you want.

This is just a simple example! Join Stack Overflow to learn, knowledge, and build your career. Francisco Figueiredo, Jr’s and team have done a great job with I’m looking at working on a project which uses C.

dotConnect for PostgreSQL Overview

In the past, ASP. Stradas 1, 14 By clicking “Post Your Answer”, acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie postgres.netand that continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


May 15thth Paris, France May 14thth St. You already have the former Tenant class you created earlierso create a new file in the root called Mine looks like this: After the first lookup, tenants are cached for two hours you can change this to whatever makes sense. I started doing this when I found that the same admittedly obscure Linq in MySQL didnt bring back the same data as did in Sql Server. One the advantages of this provider is that it provides full Visual Studio support.

In this application, each tenant is mapped to a domain name. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.